Yin Chao

"Moving Kite 会动的风筝" Dylan 薛冬琪 lensed by YinChao for Cosmo China. Kite Master Zhang Tianwei 张天伟

In the era of traditional and modern encounters, hand-made and high-end fashion combine to create a wonderful moment. As a representative of the new sentiment, COSMO invited photographer Yin Chao to shoot the fashion blockbuster for the first Chinese dynamic kite teacher Zhang Tianwei and his hand-made dynamic kite , presenting a visual feast combining craftsmanship and fashion.

Each of Zhang Tianwei 's kites is not only unique in shape , but also flexible and vivid, perfectly reflecting the unique charm of the ingenuity.

"墨影 The Shadow" 陈茵 yinchen_milo lensed by Yin Chao for Marie Claire China

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“Stay With Own Culture” – lensed by Yin Chao for Elle Men China 2016.

Whatever the genre or mood of the photo shoot – whether the salient aspect of the resulting pictures is beauty, fashion, glamour or celebrity – Yin’s aim is always the same. He must “capture the soul”, he says.

Yin is a Buddhist and his religion frames his view of photography. “Beautiful things are beautiful, but as a fashion photographer, you realise it’s all an illusion,” he says. “You can, however, use photography as a medium and tool to express your opinion about society.” Yin acknowledges that this power to express his opinion brings with it responsibility to wield it for the good of society. His aim is to inspire admiration of the country’s cultures and to celebrate diversity. “Through my photographs, I hope people can not only experience beauty within but also gain philosophical inspiration






“The Last Warrior” lensed by Yin Chao for Harper’s Bazaar Men China May 2016.

Yin Chao thinks photography is not only his work and passion, but through the photography he can express all sorts of attitudes, from fashion and lifestyle, to affection, love and friendship... He makes each shoot a memorable experience, skillfully capturing the ambience and integral elements of each live situation made available to him.




Ben Mao lensed by Yin Chao, for Numéro Homme China

Chinese photographer Ying Chao’s images of Chinese model Ben Mao are startling, stunning and exotic. Through his photography, he wants to express different attitudes of fashion, lifestyle, affection, love, friendship…As a human being, he is sensitive but sincere, simple and direct. As a photographer, he makes each image a memorable experience, skillfully capturing the ambience and integral elements of each live situation. 

Source: http://www.superyinchao.com/#/yinchao