Liu Wen

“Power of Fashion” Asia’s supermodel Liu Wen in the Edit Magazine September 2016, lensed by Jason Kibbler, styled by Patrick Mackie

“I’m proud to be a part of something that impacts society in both significant and minute ways. The concept of a model has always been around in Asia, it was often just seen as the final act in the play that is fashion. Now there’s a stronger fascination with and fantasy around the job. I believe in the butterfly effect and I hope my small wings allow fashion to gain some understanding of Eastern tastes.
It’s through diligence that each of us can represent our culture, our gender – whichever parts of our identity – in the best way. To me, today’s [young] Asian women are working hard to pursue their ideals. We have already made a lot of progress thanks to the toil of our mothers and grandmothers, and we should desire even better for generations to come.” – Liu on modeling and women progress in Asia.


“Dancing in the Soul” lensed by Daniel Jackson

Dancing in the Soul, Daniel Jackson photographs top Chinese Models Liu Wen, Sui He, and Ming Xi in an emotive and moving editorial alongside ballet dancer Justin Peck for Vogue China. Wearing clothes that look as light as air, Liu, Sui and Ming tap into their inner dancers and move with a sensual and balletic grace.