Elle India

"Wild Flower" Ketholeno Kense & Imaad Shah lensed by Andrea Varani for Elle India March 2017

"In Andrea's lens, this game, which is more intense with the female figure and the body, creates the look, the thrill, and the expression of the whole body underneath the clothes.
The fashion he photographs is depicted as desirable but also possible.
The spaces, the sharp and muted lighting make the construction of the image pictorial and refined.
The landscapes and the nature explored by Varani introduce and describe the pleasure of enjoying the photograph as a variation of what is real.
In fact, the fatal attraction of aesthetics persists in order to enhance the continuous changing of reality.
His accomplishments go beyond fashion photography and reproduce his cultural and personal elements." ... Daniela Cattaneo



"Memory Project" Kahina lensed by Ashish Shah for Elle India

Ashish Shah...Beyond the hustle of our everyday struggle there exists a world of dreams. This is where his heart and his soul live. A self-taught photographer, obsessed with dark stories of love and addiction, he captures the moods and emotions that write each individual story, a new chapter with every frame. Well known for his captivating portraits and elegant fashion statements, he deftly plays with light and shadow, creating beautiful and subtle changes in texture and palate. A perfectionist, combining an artist's vision with a technician's mastery of craft. 



“Ungender” lensed by Bikramjit Bose for Elle India.

"What if your gender didn’t matter? Not it's stereotypes. Nor it's stigmas. None of the shoulds or should-nots. Not even its clothes. Just the freedom to be whoever you choose to be…. But first we had to confront our own prejudices — the language of he and she lives in the most liberated, forward-thinking and defiant among us. We decided to consciously dream of such a free world..." Elle India
Elle India teamed up with photographer Bikramjit Bose, to capture what it might be like to live without boundaries or preconceived notions.





“Indian Accent” lensed by Errikos Andreou for Elle India, Sept 2016.

A great photograph is “A photograph that evokes my feelings and thoughts as well as my aesthetics.” ..."For me that is also a definition of art, an image that asks for reaction in addition to its aesthetic quality. What are the ingredients that make such image? Everything plays its part in the final result. In some cases, one element can be so overwhelming and beautiful that takes over and makes the photograph. But for me the most important ingredient is good chemistry. I photograph people and models instead of locations or buildings because I have a profound interest in people and the way they connect to me though the photographic process.”… Errikos Andreou.