“Hulos” by the Vietnamese designer duo Huỳnh Hải Long and Đặng Thế Huy

“Fashion is the bridge to bring Vietnamese, our beloved country’s culture to the world. Many designers approach fashion by looking forward to its magnificence, but then lost themselves in its frivolously and flashy. In our opinion, fashion is not only talent itself, but also a demonstration of many skills and understanding in many aspects. A designer is also a psychologist, a politician, an architect, an economist, a scientist, and many other jobs. To exist in this industry, a designer need resolves and experience…We follow the Buddhist teaching. The philosophy of Buddhist teaches us many lessons to help us grow up. My principles of living are sharing, live slowly, think differently and love more. If I am a super hero, I want a power which can transform other everybody to be good because a fashion designer can only create external beauty, but cannot perfect people soul”