“DÒNG THỜI GIAN…THE COURSE OF TIME” Ao Trang 2017 Calendar lensed by Pham Hoai Nam

“Áo dài is a Vietnamese traditional dress, a symbol of cultural and spirit of Viet Nam. Áo dai's evolution dates back to the 18th century from its earliest forms as áo yếm (an undergarment). The long history of the áo dài reflects the adaptability and the many hardships of the Vietnamese people. Though áo dài has undergone many changes over the course of time, its allure and appeal has become a symbol of the Vietnamese beauty and national pride.

Along with taking steps back into the history of áo dài, I personally wanted to experiment with wet-plate collodion photographic process of the 19th century, the revolutionized technique that has major impact on modern photography. This passage through time with the history of photography and the Viennamese áo dài has personally been a long-awaited endeavor. Thank you for joining me on this journey.”

“Our passion has always been for the beauty of the Vietnamese traditional white dress (áo dài trắng). Our mission has always been to the better lives of the less fortunate. Therefore, 100% proceeds from Ao Trang Calendar are donated to benefit our orphanages in Vietnam. Thanks to everyone for the support you have given to Hoai Nam & Ao Trang Calendar.”