“Forest of Light” installation by Sou Fujimoto

Sou Fujimoto unveils “Forest of Light” installation for COS during Milan Salone del Mobile 2016

Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto has used spotlights, mirrors and specially composed sounds to create “Forest of Light”. The installation explores the concepts of interaction and perspective and is hosted within the cinema arts building dating back to the 1930s. using dynamic sound and light, the dark space is illuminated by tall cones that simultaneously interact with visitors’ movements.

The architect – known for his his gridded and latticed architectural structures – chose not to include any physical objects, and instead opted to use "only light" due to the short time period for the installation."The reason why we finally didn't use any physical things – only light – is kind of a representation of a really short moment," he said. "It happens there, and then it's gone without anything left."