"Moving Kite 会动的风筝" Dylan 薛冬琪 lensed by YinChao for Cosmo China. Kite Master Zhang Tianwei 张天伟

In the era of traditional and modern encounters, hand-made and high-end fashion combine to create a wonderful moment. As a representative of the new sentiment, COSMO invited photographer Yin Chao to shoot the fashion blockbuster for the first Chinese dynamic kite teacher Zhang Tianwei and his hand-made dynamic kite , presenting a visual feast combining craftsmanship and fashion.

Each of Zhang Tianwei 's kites is not only unique in shape , but also flexible and vivid, perfectly reflecting the unique charm of the ingenuity.

"墨影 The Shadow" 陈茵 yinchen_milo lensed by Yin Chao for Marie Claire China

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