"Moving Kite 会动的风筝" Dylan 薛冬琪 lensed by YinChao for Cosmo China. Kite Master Zhang Tianwei 张天伟

In the era of traditional and modern encounters, hand-made and high-end fashion combine to create a wonderful moment. As a representative of the new sentiment, COSMO invited photographer Yin Chao to shoot the fashion blockbuster for the first Chinese dynamic kite teacher Zhang Tianwei and his hand-made dynamic kite , presenting a visual feast combining craftsmanship and fashion.

Each of Zhang Tianwei 's kites is not only unique in shape , but also flexible and vivid, perfectly reflecting the unique charm of the ingenuity.

"墨影 The Shadow" 陈茵 yinchen_milo lensed by Yin Chao for Marie Claire China

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日出処 lensed by Leslie Zhang JiaCheng

Zhang JiaCheng's experience of learning traditional Chinese painting in his younger time cultivated his unique understanding towards images and the composition. He get creative inspiration from the details of life. Through changing subjects’position and scene, he puts daily scene and still life in the viewfinder in a view that is more than recording. He regards photography as powerful language and interprets nostalgic oriental aesthetics through the lens.